About Us

We opened Crossfit Tarpon Springs in order to change the lives of others. We are proud to stand behind our gym and the community we have created within. Our community is what makes our gym as successful as it is. Our members are dedicated not only to themselves but also the success of others. The atmosphere that has manifested itself is purely at fault of dedicated coaches and even more dedicated members. Coming in as someone who has never worked out here or someone who has been working out here for years are met with the same welcoming optimism every single time. Our members don't just workout together but they've formed friendships and relationships and make this gym what it is today. Joining any new gym or workout envoriment is always nerve racking, but once you step inside Crossfit Tarpon Springs, you'll fit right in. Our members have an unmeasurable respect not only for the people inside the gym, but the gym itself. We take very good care of our facility. Updating equipment, cleaning, and stocking it regularly. Crossfit Tarpon Springs is located in Palm Harbor just South of Tarpon Springs. Located on US 19 just South of the movie theater.


No matter what you do in life- YOU are your most important asset. Who is going to take care of your kids, run your business, or do your job if you are not there?


We run a clean and fun facility with excellent training programs. We teach people how to work out safely to achieve their fitness goals. We invest in every member we have and that is why we are number #1.


Crossfit Tarpon Springs is much more then a gym. It is a community of like minded individuals all focused on one goal. Getting Healthier. The journey looks different for everyone but it is one we are all on TOGETHER.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are unique to our gym because we only hire people that are passionate about changing the lives of others. This is not a facility you will walk in and see a coach on their phone coaching a class. This is not a facility that hires every person that walks through the door with the right credentials. This is a facility where we only keep the very best. Our members respect and admire our coaches because they are knowledgeable, tough but fun, and are exactly what you need to power through a workout.

Coach Steve


Steve loves to see people work toward goals and then blast them out of the park. He is Co-Owner of Crossfit Tarpon Springs and is a straight shooter. Steve is great for people that need an honest answer as he does not beat around the bush. Steve loves what he does and it is evident in how he remembers his members PR's, struggles, and goals.

Coach James


James is a high level athlete in the Florida region and Co-Owner of Crossfit Tarpon Springs. He has dedicated all of his efforts towards making sure people have not only an amazing class, but also an amazing gym.

Coach Jordan


Jordan coaches our 6:30pm and 7:30pm Bootcamp classes on Thursdays. He thoroughly explains each movement and provides motivation and support from the start to the end of a class no matter what the movement is or who is attending the class. Aside from coaching, Jordan is a full time middle school Social Studies teacher.

Coach Myke


Myke coaches our 6:30pm and 7:30pm Bootcamp classes on Wednesdays. He absolutely loves connecting with each and every person he coaches and will make sure every member can perform to the best of their ability every single class. Myke is a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer.

Coach Rebecca


Rebecca specializes primarily in personal training and our 6 Week Fat Loss Fitness Challenges, but that doesn't take away from her superb ability as a coach. Rebecca has personally participated in a handful of our challenges and has experienced firsthand how the dedication of the coaches and members truly do change lives. She teams up with Lexi for the FLC and will ensure you are well educated and kept motivated.

Healthy Lifestyle At Any Age.

Want to sweat with us?

Ready to try your first class? There are many ways to sign up for a class and your first class is always FREE through our one day free trial program. You can call 727.940.2952 to reserve your spot or let us know you're coming by clicking the link to the right.