If you wish to either break away from the typical group style workouts we have both in CrossFit and Bootcamp, several of our coaches are also available for personal training. We have a dedicated section in the gym away from all other program areas so that you and your coach can get the most improvement out of your session. fit with barbells, weight racks, and any other materials we typically use in CrossFit or Bootcamp.


Coach Wayne

Coach Jordan

Coach Lexi

Coach Jenn

Coach Rebecca



Improve on weaknesses - Sessions can be strictly dedicated to a weakness you may want to improve on in CrossFit (e.g., Muscle-Ups, Double Unders, Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and anything else you wish to improve upon).

Non-Group workout -  while CrossFit and Bootcamp are group style workouts, we are a gym based solely on getting you the results you desire, we want you to be able to use this gym to YOUR disposal, you do not need to have a membership at any point to participate in our personal training nor do you have to stick to the "CrossFit" workouts when you do your personal training. As coaches we dedicate our time and energy purely to help you get into the best shape of your life.

Unconditionally dedicated to your success - while you are doing your personal training at Crossfit Tarpon Springs, we guarantee that while you are in that space your time and efforts will not be wasted. We are fortunate enough to have a group of coaches who only want one thing from their clients, to see them succeed. They're not in it to waste a session and run you through the motions simply to get a paycheck at the end of the day. Our coaches will go to whatever measure you want to ensure you are always putting in the effort you can to get the results you deserve. 

Our personal training program is meant to integrate into all of the programs we have here at Crossfit Tarpon Springs. You can use this program for anything you wish. If you are unsure about anything regarding personal training please feel free to contact the gym and a staff member or coach will talk you through any questions or concerns you may have. Pricing will vary from coach to coach. 

How to get started with personal training

If you wish to schedule either a personal training session or just a meet and greet with some of our personal training coaches you can contact the gym and a front desk staff member will take down your name and number and let you know when a good time to come into the gym would be. Spots are filling up! If you are on the fence about personal training the best option for you is to just meet with a coach and let them know your goals (or let them pick some for you if you aren't sure) and begin your personalized fitness journey. See contact info below.



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