Crossfit and Women

One of the biggest misconceptions when women consider weight training or CrossFit is that they are going to get bulky.  While it is true that you may gain a couple of pounds of muscle, you will not bulk up like a man unless you are taking steroids.  What you will get is muscle…long, lean, beautiful fat burning muscle. Your clothes will fit better and you will not have to fear bathing suits anymore!  If you are looking to get supermodel skinny, then CrossFit Tarpon Springs is not for you.  We do not endorse “getting skinny”, nor do we think skinny is a picture of health. 

Celebrities that do Crossfit to stay in shape:

CrossFit Tarpon Springs will help prepare you for whatever life throws your way by lifting, pushing, running, squatting and reaching.  We use functional movements in combination with weight training which will give you an amazingly strong core and those coveted abs of steel, once the fat is inevitably trimmed away.  Our workouts of the day (WoDs) will blast calories in less time than an elliptical ever will.  What woman couldn’t use more time in her day?  Another benefit of exercise is increased energy levels.  As we work out, our blood flow increases and more oxygen is delivered throughout our bodies.  This oxygen creates more energy. In addition, exercise releases endorphins into our bodies, giving us a sense of well-being.

At CrossFit Tarpon Springs, our goal is to make you stronger, faster and more confident, in a community that will support you all the way to your fitness goals.  Schedule your 1 day free trial today!